Untitled (Grinding Series), 2006 / 2018


In 2016 I was awarded a grant to make a residency at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. During this residency I produced a large series of drawings, sculptures and interven:ons on the streets, engaging with people and specific places in Glasgow. Working with welding, torsions, cut and grinding the material in different ways, l was interested in the process of experimenta:on with hollow tubes of steel in the studio. The fragmenta:on and reassembling of distorted pieces gave form to abstract structures with curves and concavi:es that suggested a rela:onship with the body. I showed an installa:on composed by a selec:on of drawings, sculptures and photography in SWG3 Gallery. And some of the sculptures were on the streets located in specific places. With the help of a map the audience could go for a wandering to find the pieces. I walked the streets carrying these ‘erra:c’ sculptures, leaving 11 of them in unexpected places around the city. The public were free to interact with the pieces as I wandered through the streets and some of the situa:ons that the work catalysed were recorded and transformed into a video piece. As a follow up to the project, aPer nearly 16 months (Feb. 2018) l returned to Glasgow in search of the series of sculptures I abandoned in certain places in the city. Wandering through the alleyways I just found empty spaces where the sculptures had once been. But one, the last one, remained in an act of resistance, rusted but standing, leaning against a matress... Surrounded by empty botles on a wet and cold surface.