Gustavo Salvadori Ferro acknowledges the city by wanderings in his everyday life while recording found situations in photo, video, or by any other suitable means; thus creating an affective cartography of places. These observations serve as a starting point for a reflection about the physical and psychological effects that controlled spaces exert over individuals. Through the hybrid work among drawing and printmaking, the artist creates images where elements of the urban environment are stripped out of its functions by being displaced from their territories and overlapped in a succession of layers. Gustavo’s sculptures and installations takes off from the experimentation with various materials to reconstruct unusual elements of containment, protection and signage; his works explore the bulge, the relationship of tension and balance between the body and the architecture. Since 2012 the artist collects specific objects, used to demarcate and isolate areas in the urban environment, which he calls Piquetes Anônimos; in order to incorporate these objects into the collection this practice involves the encounter of pickets and a trade with the other.